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Paula Felstead (55, English) started her career in technology in Australia for BHP. She has focuse……

Paula Felstead (55, English) started her career in technology in Australia for BHP. She has focused most of her career on transformation and integration of businesses across many different environments, having led technology, operations, digital and innovation functions in high-profile companies such as Reuters Thomson, Prudential, Telefonica, Barclays, Visa Europe and Ingenico. Mrs. Felstead was appointed Chief Business Innovation Officer at Visa Europe in 2012 where she was responsible for Strategy, Corporate development, Digital and Innovation. She led the merger with Visa Inc during 2016 to a successful conclusion, as well as the operating model change to work within the IFR regulation to ensure compliance as well as growth. She was later appointed Group Technology Officer at Ingenico with responsibility for all global payment platforms, technology, operations and 1st line risk functions. Integrating numerous acquisitions into a cohesive business capability was a key focus of her role. Mrs. Felstead graduated in Computer Studies from the University of West London. She also volunteers as a mentor for the Youth Group to assist young people entering employment or higher education as well as mentoring other executives in cultural and digital transformation. Mrs. Felstead was co-opted director of Quadient S.A. on October 1st, 2021, to replace Virginie Fauvel. Her mandate will extend through the remaining term of her predecessor, i.e., until the Annual General Meeting that will rule on the financial statements of the financial year ending 31 January 2022.






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